Liam Mannion Memorial Scholarship

Liam Mannion was a good-natured soul who believed in giving a voice to the marginalized and ignored. Known for instigating debate and taking on difficult opinions, Liam showed his passion for social justice by pursuing studies in international development before he left us in a tragic car accident in 2009 at the age of 24. A dedicated volunteer, Liam raised money for children's organizations in Ethiopia and was an avid participant in student politics in university. While he took issues seriously, he was never known for being too serious. Always curious and always talking, his irreverent sense of humour and wicked wit made him a treasure to his friends and family who miss him dearly. Liam's Legacy is a foundation organized by those closest to him, which aims to raise funds for a memorial bursary at the University of Ottawa, where he spent some of the most formative years of his young life. We are hoping to support either a student in international development studies or any student in need. We are starting small, raising money through multiple fundraisers to get our initiative off the ground before holding larger events that could help us reach our ultimate goal of $30,000. This is our way our remembering him in the way he was – by giving a voice to those seeking to use it

Liam C. Mannion (1985-2009)